Funds Available for Organizations in Global South

ction/2015 is pleased to make available grants to provide financial support to organizations and networks that aim to build momentum for the campaign during the campaign launch on January 15 and other crucial actions activities to get the campaign started in early 2015.


  • $5,000-$15,000 USD


  • The funds will be given to organizations/networks/coalitions based in the Global South.
  • The bidding organization must be a registered member of the action/2015 campaign, or an active national coalition.
  • The network or coalition can be informal, but a member organization needs to function as the legal holder of the project.
  • The preference will be given to those with limited resources, who build alliances and collaboration among organizations, networks and coalitions across sectors and constituencies, and with proven ability to deliver strong in-person, media and/or digital campaigns.
  • Relevant due diligence will be undertaken on all applicant organizations.
  • In order to ensure the impact of our program funds, other factors that shall be considered include: regional balance, size, diversity and density of population of the organization/network’s constituencies including gender balance; whether the organizations/networks plans activities in partnerships with local/national organizations; overall organization/network management support, etc.

DEADLINE: 14th December, 2014

Submit your proposal to

For more information on action/2015 visit here


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