Innovach is an online start-up that markets, sales/distributes and provides consultation on innovative technologies. Our main goal is to empower Africans to innovate products and distribute them globally. This mentorship program is online and it is geared towards African female engineers. The main aim of this program is to have experienced African females, in the engineering field mentor females who aspire to be engineers.
The goal of this program is to; provide for protégées academics by donating supplies e.g. learning material, set up scholarships, provide continuous advice, avail programs and workshops that will give protégées a feel of the engineering career and set up internship opportunities in engineering related fields.
We are currently recruiting regional mentors from the 5 African regions (North, South, East, West and Central) for this program.
1. Head this program in their respective regions.
2. Scout and vet country mentors from their regions.
3. Avail frequent reports to the Directors.
1. Must be a female African engineer.
2. Must have worked as an engineer for a minimum of 3 years.
3. Have access to the internet.

All interested candidates that wish to join this cause, please send your name, resume with 2 references and preferred email address to and send any questions to


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