From 21-22 October 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, SEAMEO in collaboration with the British Council and Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) Thailand, is launching the SEAMEO Congress on Education, Science and Culture 2014 with the theme Southeast Asia in Transition: Re-Thinking Education, Science and Culture for Regional Integration.

SEAMEO Congress will bring together a diverse set of actors from government organizations, education institutions, industry and business sector, international and regional organizations and non-governmental organizations to discuss perspectives on how to best shape education and human resource development policies and practices for regional integration in Southeast Asia.

The SEAMEO Congress theme aims to:

  1. Draw from academic, industry and international experiences on realistic, implementable education and human resource development (HRD) policies and practices to bridge the skills gap in Southeast Asia.
  2. Trigger further investigations on education policy and capacity-building issues relevant for integration and cooperation in Southeast Asia.
  3. Give impetus for the establishment and renewing of cooperation among education institutions, industry and regional/international organizations in the advancement of human resource development in the region.


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