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  • Creative Activist

    This training skill will help you to bring your wildest fantasies of change into reality. Get theoretical argumentation and historical examples of why creativity is im..Training Bit

  • Skill image

    Campaign Advocate

    Become an effective campaign advocate. We will explore the basics on advocacy and get some inspirations from effective advocacy initiatives from different countries. W…

    13 Training Bits

  • Skill image

    Campaign Communicator

    Get your message across to the outside world. Gaining this skill will give you valuable insight into communication theory, practices, and strategies, as well as, shed …

    27 Training Bits

  • Skill image

    Online Campaigner

    This is your guide to develop and implement a vibrant and engaging digital campaign designed to reach out to and engage with members, supporters, promote your campaign…

    25 Training Bits

  • Skill image

    Great Debater

    What does it take to be a great debater? Lets take this journey into the world of debates and explore the things you did not know about debates! Debate is contenti…



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