First Global Forum on Youth Policies ( Fully Funded)

How can you apply to participate in the Forum?


The Forum seeks to bring together around 700 participants. Apply to be one of them!

  • Governments were invited in June 2014 to nominate a governmental and a non-governmental expert for the Forum.
  • These could be:
  • Ministers, state secretaries and senior government officials from not only youth but also planning, development and related ministries and agencies with responsibility for policy development and implementation that affect young people; and
  • Young parliamentarians involved in drafting and approving legislation affecting youth populations and for developing long-term strategies on youth issues, but also in reviewing and allocating budgets, and holding governments to account; or
  • Youth representatives and youth activists with a track record of addressing youth policy issues.
  • Youth policy practitioners are invited now, and until 27 August 2014, to apply online for the Forum.
  • These could be:
  • Nongovernmental experts of youth-led organizations and movements working on youth policy;
  • Youth experts of global and regional intergovernmental organizations working on youth policy;
  • Research experts from institutes, universities and think tanks with a focus on youth policy;
  • Development experts from organizations, agencies and institutions in the youth sector;
  • Programming experts from donors active in supporting policy change in the youth field.
  • In a nutshell, we seek youth policy practitioners from all around the world who:
  • have at least two years of experience with youth policy at regional or global level;
  • are interested in critical and informed debate about the state of youth policy;
  • can use English with sufficient proficiency for a professional context;
  • are associated with an organisation or network that works on youth policy issues;
  • can attend the First Global Forum on Youth Policies for its entire duration;
  • and are, preferably, between 18 and 35 years old. Is that you?
  • Then click on through to the complete call for applications and the application form

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